Marbella is an upmarket city in Andalusia, Spain, by the Mediterranean, situated in the region of Malaga, beneath the Sierra Blanca. In 2000 the city had 98,823 inhabitants, which rose significantly to 116,234 in 2004.

Marbella is an important beach resort of the Costa del Sol. The town is famous for being a playground for the famous and super-rich, and is internationally recognised as a favourite destination for extremely wealthy tourists from Northern Europe, in particular the UK and France, as well as wealthy Arabs. The area around Marbella is particularly popular with those who like golf.

Sights and Attractions

Funny Beach – Located in the heart of the town, funny beach is not just a beach, but also a fun park designed for all ages. It offers all sorts of activities to help keep you entertained, including go-karting, video games, mini golf, trampolines, etc.

Prado World – Situated in nearby Estepona and just a short drive from Marbella , Prado World is a theme park with something for visitors of all ages. A water park with slides and various pools is perhaps the main feature, while other attractions include a shooting gallery, mini golf course, basketball court, football area and remote control lorries.

Crocodile Park – Just a 30-minute drive away from the centre of Marbella, Crocodile Park is home to a large selection of the fearsome reptiles, with some specimens weighing in at over 450 kilos and clocking more than 60 years of age. Visitors get the chance to see crocs in various stages of development, with everything from incubated eggs to old timers. The highlight of the day is ‘feeding time’, when these awesome creatures get to dine on live prey!


With shelter provided by the Sierra Blanca, the town experiences average daily temperatures of 19ºC, while seeing some 320 days of sunshine per a year and less than 50 days of rain.

Winters in Marbella are mild affairs and rainfall is relatively infrequent, with only occasional showers between the months of November and March. Summers are warm but by no means excessively hot, with occasional showers.