Driving Abroad/Road Trips

When abroad most families and individuals want to rent a car to get around. Unfortunately many people make dangerous mistakes, which can result in accidents and distress.

Make sure you research the roads you’ll be travelling on, especially if there are areas with major road works taking place. Try and  estimate time of travel so you’ll have an idea when you’ll be at certain points on your trip. This will help you to plan rest breaks and meal stops.

It is vital to get your car checked, especially the filters, belts, fluid levels and oil levels. You should also check the condition of the wiper blades, the operation of indicator signals, brake lights, tyre pressure and the tread on the tyres.

Depending on what country you are visiting and what season you are travelling in make sure your car is prepared for the weather it will encounter on your trip, for example you may need more antifreeze, snow tyres or recharged air-conditioning.

Tips before Travelling

  • Pack an emergency first aid kit in your car, as you never know  what when you may need it.
  • Include motion sickness medication if anyone in your group suffers from it.
  • Take some on-road entertainment for your trip, including games   (especially for any kids), CDs, and books.
  • Remember to check your plates, registration and insurance information to make sure all documents are still valid. Be sure to have your insurance company’s emergency contact with you.
  • Check with all the drivers in your party to make sure their driving licenses haven’t expired.
  • Remember to check your insurance documentation for expiry dates and coverage for your car.
  • Make sure you fill the tank up before you pack the car so that the fumes won’t bother the passengers.