Taking Children Abroad

When looking for a family holiday base your destination choice, with your children, in mind. Check that a preferred destination has child activities, suitable hotel rates, any babysitting services, etc.

If you are planning on taking an infant(s) consult your local GP first and get them to check it is safe for your child to fly and stay abroad. Make sure your child receives any necessary vaccinations.

The following is a checklist of what should be taken on the trip:

  • Any medications and prescriptions, and make sure you carry the generic names of medicines with you since the brand names of many medications can vary in different countries.
  • Your pediatrician’s name, and other emergency phone numbers, and addresses.
  • Packets of baby wipes, which will come in handy while travelling.
  • Any items to help childproof a room, such as outlet plugs and pipe cleaners.
  • If travelling with an infant, take a bottlebrush and some soap.
  • An address book with your child’s friends’ names and addresses so they can send postcards.
  • Take a small toy for your child, preferably their favourite.
  • Take current pictures of your children in case they get lost or wander off, to help the local authorities with a search.

How to Pack For Kids:

Consider packing complete outfits in separate clear bags. Even out the luggage by placing some of the kids clothing in your bags and vice versa. This will give you something to fall back on in case any bags go missing. Finally, label all your luggage, inside and out with contact information.

What Child Documentation to Bring:

If going abroad on your holiday then pack the same identification for your child/children that are required for you. If a child is travelling out of the country with one parent, you’ll probably have to provide written permission from the other parent that the child may leave the country, but check what the airline policy is on this matter. Without the proper paperwork, an airline may refuse to board your child.