The Journey

When getting ready to go abroad the one thing that will certainly be on everyone’s mind is the flight. From delays to cancellations, earaches to food quality, there isn’t a single flight that fails to surprise passengers.

Arrive at the Airport Early

Preferably try arriving 2 1/2 hours before domestic flights and 3 1/2 hours before international flights just to be on the safe side. What ever you do please do not arrive at the last minute as boarding restrictions are very strict and you could end up missing your flight. If travelling as a family stay together at all times.

Avoiding Ear Problems

Ears become sensitive to the change in altitude during a flight and can pop as a result especialy when taking-off and landing. Some relief can be found from sucking on sweets or chewing gum.

Yawning is also a good way to relieve the pressure on your ears.

Finally, if your child is sleeping, you should consider waking them up before you begin descent, because the landing is usually harder on the ears and since you swallow less when you sleep, your child may wake up in pain.

Food on board the Plane

It is amazing that food on planes is as good as it is, considering the food is prepared ahead of time and served to a large number of people with very different taste preferences. Still it will not please everyone. If you are vegetarian or keep kosher, tell your travel agent when you buy the ticket, and the airlines will usually accommodate you.

Have Details Handy

Keep your travelling documents safe but accessible as you will need these at the airport for customs and immigration checks. Also, take a spare photo of all your family members to enable you to comply with any immigration or visa needs.