Pre-Travelling Tips

The following is a list of arrangements that should be made before you set off on holiday:

  • Make copies of all travel documents. Any misplaced paperwork can result in important information falling into the hands of a stranger.
  • Make a note of contact information for friends and family in case you need to get in touch.
  • Send yourself an email containing all important travel information, which can then be accessed on holiday through an internet point. This saves you having to carry any paperwork around.

  • Remember to label your bags with names, addresses, and contact details. These will help if the bags are lost and then found by airport staff or strangers.
  • Take recent photographs of your children with you, as it’s a much easier way for police to help locate a missing child.
  • Always carry medication in their original packaging and keep these in your hand luggage, since it will be less likely to be lost than your checked luggage. If you have any questionable drugs or large supplies, get a letter from your doctor stating you have a legal right to use these drugs.

Remember when travelling abroad always check to see what can and can’t be taken with you. Security measures and restrictions are constantly being changed so make sure you keep up to date.